Bulk Construction

We provide Civil Construction & Infrastructure Services, Supervision & Skilled Labour, Plant Hire, Formwork & Concrete.
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High-quality work on projects across all tiers of the civil industry

Bulk Construction

civil infrastructure works

Bulk Construction Pty Ltd was founded in April 2014 and has operated as a company specialising in civil infrastructure works/ skilled labour and plant hire.

Over the years, Bulk Construction has carried out high-quality work on projects across all tiers of the civil industry. Projects of varying sizes from small & large subdivisions, under and above ground utility infrastructure to multibillion-dollar government endorsed road/ bridge and port constructions.

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Bulk Construction

Bulk construction prides it self on its solid and constantly improving reputation throughout the industry.

We do the Big Stuff best, without ever neglecting the rest.

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Our Services

Bulk Construction

We’re also fully insured and licensed and can provide verification upon request.

Civil Structures



Underground services and utility infrastructure

Experienced plant operators

Skilled labour

Plant & Equipment Hire

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What our customers say

Bulk Construction

“Bulk Construction is extremely professional and fantastic to work with. They have all of their processes in order which makes running the projects so much more efficient.”

C. de Jager | Construction Manager

“We’ve been using the Bulk Construction team for the last couple of years and they never let us down. They’re very organised and very professional”.

T. Asghar | Contracts Administrator


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